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The U.K and Ireland operations began 150 years ago but under various names of different companies. Today Carillion is one of the U.K's largest support services company, a leader in Public Private Partnership projects, a major construction contractor, one of the top three suppliers of mechanical and electrical engineering and the largest independent energy services company. Carillion have worked on everything from transport improvements to flood defences, from airports to industrial projects.
  • Ashington Leisure Centre

    Architectural aluminium systems by leading supplier Kawneer have been used on a RIBA award-winning leisure and community centre for their aesthetics and technical capabilities. Two types of Kawneer curtain walling – AA®100 zone-drained and AA®110 mullion-drained SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) with 50mm and 65mm sightlines respectively – alongside AA®541 top- and side-hung casement...

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    Products: AA100 Curtainwall, AA110 Curtainwall, AA541 Windows, 190/350 Door

    Contractor: Carillion Group

    Location:Newcastle upon Tyne


    Completion:28 Jan 2016

  • townside

    Townside is a fully operational commercial development with the use of a Health Centre, Commercial Offices and retail space all facing the Town Hall in the heart of the famous market town of Bury. The development itself is a brand new, modern build which is part of the re-generation plan to bring Bury into the modern times. The use of Kawneer 1202 Vertical Curtain Walling combined with 602...

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    Products: 602 Horizontal Pivot Windows, 1202 Capped Curtain Walling, 190/350 Door

    Contractor: Carillion Group



    Completion:26 Feb 2010

  • pica
    4 Piccadilly Place

    Number Four Piccadilly Place is situated in the heart of the city of Manchester central to the transport hub which includes Piccadilly Station, the Metro Link & Piccadilly Bus Station. It is one of many buildings within the complex which combined, house residential, commercial & retail dwellings all congregating to a water feature in the centre of the square. This building in particular has...

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    Products: AA100 Curtainwall, 190/350 Door, 603 Window

    Contractor: Carillion Group



    Completion:1 Dec 2009

  • Kingsway Park School

    As an amalgamation of Balderstone Technology College & Springhill High School, this school was built as a combination of a brand new build & refurbishment of an existing build to create a new educational development know as Kingsway Park High School. Kingsway Park School is a mixed secondary school which is part of the Building Schools for the Future Scheme introduced by Blair’s Government to...

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    Products: 190/350 Door, AA541 Windows, AA100 Curtainwall, AA100 SSG Curtainwall

    Contractor: Carillion Group



    Completion:28 Feb 2013

  • Radius Appartments


    Products: 1202 Capped Curtain Walling, 190/350 Door, AA605TE Door, 1203 Curtain Walling

    Contractor: Carillion Group



    Completion:30 Jun 2005

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